[Sherlockian Self-Defense Workshop with Mark Donnelly - July 12-13, 2014 in NYC]
Frequently Asked Questions

Where will the seminars be held?
The Saturday seminar will be held at Cap21 Studios at 18 West 18th Street, Room 603, New York, NY 10011. The Sunday seminar seminar will be held at The Society for Martial Arts Instruction at 4 West 18th Street, Third Floor, New York, NY 10011. The practice spaces are air-conditioned, bottled water or filtered water is available on the premises, and showers and changing rooms are also at each facility (bring your own towel).

How much do the seminars cost?
Advance registration is $50.00 for each 4.5-hour workshop, payable online with a credit card no later than July 12. At-the-door registration is $60 per day, cash only. Click to register online.

Can I attend just one day?
You can attend both days, or one or the other. Topics will be different each day, but you won't need to attend Saturday to participate on Sunday, nor will Sunday merely be a repeat of Saturday.

Do I need to be a martial artist to participate?
No experience is necessary - just an interest in history and martial arts.

How fit do I need to be to participate?
It is not necessary to be in peak physical condition; the seminars should be manageable to anyone with even moderate physical ability. We will have several breaks during the session, and there is seating if you get tired and need to rest.

May children participate?
Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian, who must stay for the duration of the seminar. There is no charge for the parent or guardian who is observing their child; parents or guardians who wish to participate must pay the regular registration fee. Regrettably we cannot allow children under the age of 13 to participate.

What should I wear or bring?
You do not need to bring anything; the instructor will supply practice weapons for students. If you have a walking stick, study parasol, and or crook-handle cane, please bring it. Fencers and HEMA practitioners are encouraged to bring fencing masks and other protective gear for the singlestick portion. Yes, you can wear period attire, but you don't have to! Period attire is appropriate, as are ordinary gym clothes. Many of us enjoy wearing historic clothing but it is entirely optional. Be mindful of the hot weather and remember that tee-shirts and tank tops were also worn during the 19th century. Clothing of the early to mid-19th century is historically appropriate for the topic but you do not have to wear historic attire; comfortable workout clothing is perfectly fine.

What will we learn?
The fighting arts of Sherlock Holmes, as described in the original stories, are Bartitsu, pugilism, and singlestick and all three will be taught on both Saturday and Sunday. We are the Bartitsu Club of NYC, so the curriculum will include a fair amount ofBartitsu - it was widely reported in American newspapers at the turn of the century (although Barton-Wright's dreams of bringing it to the New World never materialized). Bartitsu is a Victorian mixed martial art which includes jiu-jitsu, savate, boxing, and a unique form of "walking stick self-defense" pioneered by Pierre Vigny.

I am from out-of-town; where can I stay?
We have not made arrangements with local hotels, but there are many different options for accomodations for all budgets. Hotels close to the training location include DaVinci Hotel, The Carter Hotel, and the Belvedere Hotel. There are also affordable hostels for out-of-state visitors.

I have additional questions
You may contact the event organizer Rachel Klingberg at bartitsu@nycsteampunk.com