Steampunk Map
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Historic pubs, steam-friendly venues, picturesque locations for outings
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  • Bridge Cafe - 1794

    279 Water Street

    One of the oldest wooden buildings in Manhattan, it began as a "grocery and wine and porter bottler," making it the oldest food/drinking establishment in continuous operation in NYC. By 1879, it was indicted by the district attorney as a 'disorderly house'. During Prohibition, it was run as a restaurant and sold 'cider,' but beer was available, supplied by a Brooklyn bootlegger. The interior dates from the 1920s.

    Famous patrons: Hellcat Maggie, Gallus Mag, Sadie the Goat, Kate Flannery, notorious gangsters The Dead Rabbits, Daybreak Boys, assorted disreputable "river pirates and Water Street hags," Ed Koch

    Signature drink: reputedly, "All Sorts", the remnants of other customers' drinks
  • Paris Cafe - 1873

    119 South Street

    The elegant Meyer's Hotel opened here in 1987 with a luxurious bar called The Paris Cafe. It catered to wealthy travellers arriving by ship. Teddy Roosevelt was said to have dropped in on occasion while serving as the head of the New York City Police department to collar officers who indulged themselves while on duty.

    Famous patrons: Thomas Edison, Theodore Roosevelt, Annie Oakley, Buffalo Bill Cody, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

    Signature drink: Yeungling or other historic beers
  • Delmononico's - 1837

    2 South William Street

    At 11 different locations and under various owners since 1827, Delmonico's has been at 2 South William Street from 1837-1890; 1891-1917; 1929-1977; and 1998-present. Delmonico's chef made service a la Russe - dishes brought forth in a series of courses - popular in New York. Formerly service a la Francaise - dishes brought out all at once - was considered the height of cuisine. Many classic dishes are said to have been invented here: Delmonico Steak, Lobster Newburg, possibly Baked Alaska, Eggs Benedict, and Chicken a la King

    Famous patrons: Jenny Lind, Theodore Roosevelt, Mark Twain, "Diamond Jim" Brady, Lillian Russell, Charles Dickens, Oscar Wilde, J.P. Morgan, James Gordon Bennett, Jr., Walter Scott, Nikola Tesla, Edward VII, then the Prince of Wales, and Napoleon III of France

    Signature drink: Delmonico Cocktail